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Executive Office Suites

Executive suites and virtual offices are excellent options for businesses and organizations looking to reduce the costs of their office operations.

Executive office suites allow clients to share overhead costs associated with keeping an office with other tenants that use the same virtual or real office space and resources. Here are some of the advantages of these office setups.

Executive Office Suites Advantages

With this option, businesses can rent a number of offices within a larger office group. The company that offers these suites owns or rents the building, or one or more floors within the building, and rents out executive office suites at rates meant to appeal to budget-conscious consumers. These executive office suites are ideal for small companies, especially start-ups, as they allow them to control costs while still having the flexibility to scale up operations in the future. Many executive office suites packages offer a high degree of flexibility in that clients can quickly add extra office space within the same building.

Las Vegas Executive Suites

Las Vegas Executive Suites

Executive Office Suites Setup

  • Complete office packages – Executive office suites tend to include most of the items needed to run an office in the rental package. Generally, customers can expect that the office will have basic furniture, desks, internet, 24/7/365 access into the building, Cleaning and janitorial services, and many more amenities are included.
  • Flexibility — Most providers do not require long-term agreements and it is usually easy to scale your operations up or down. Downsizing should not result in any penalty or fee in most cases. Rental agreements for executive office suites average from 6 to 12 months.
  • Services – Many plans offer shared services for all tenants in the establishment. For example, there may be a front desk receptionist for the entire building or floor. A daily postal and parcel service is commonly available.
  • Networking opportunities – The shared executive office suite environment offers opportunities for networking with other tenants in the same building or floor. Some business centers specifically focus on inter-office networking and trading by offering related events and resources.
  • Cost savings – Since all members of the business center share costs for building maintenance, security, utilities and the like, it lessens overhead costs for each tenant. In particular, this option saves on the start-up costs associated with a company opening up a private office in their own building.
  • Professional image – The executive office suite setup allows businesses to rent attractive professional office space at cost-effective rates. To set up similar office infrastructure independently might be too expensive for many small businesses.
  • Time savings – Because the rental company takes care of all the maintenance tasks that concern the office building including cleaning, building repair, IT connections and administration, the tenant companies and organizations can concentrate their time and efforts more fully on their central focus and mission.
  • Amenities – Among the amenities generally included or available at these executive office suites are parking space including covered parking, conference room facilities, break rooms, training rooms, video conference equipment, kitchen, restrooms, fax/scan/copy machines, lounge areas, waiting areas, office assistant services, and notary services.

Executive Office Suites and Your Business

The executive suite provides clients with the opportunity to conduct business in a professional manner and project the right image while saving money. For many smaller businesses, especially start-up companies, these setups offer a way of maintaining professional offices that would be too difficult to sustain independently while providing flexibility for up-sizing and downsizing.

Executive Office Suites Available at Our Local Vegas Locations:


Eastern Executive Suites

8565 S. Eastern Ave #150

Las Vegas, NV 89123


Sandhill Executive Suites

6166 S. Sandhill Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89120


Harmon Business Center

4525 S. Sandhill Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89121

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